Salt Free – Maintenance Free – Chemical Free

Electronic Water Conditioner

"The Simple Solution to Hard Water"


H2oEliteLabs and our systems was founded to bring cutting edge technology and solutions to the world of water conditioning.

Our state of the art systems are energy efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly. Each device can be installed and operational in a timely manner with relative ease.

The problems created by hard water have short and long term damaging effects on Residential, Commercial and Industrial communities alike. Our chemical free systems not only eliminate problems associated with hard water such as scale build-up and corrosion, but does so while eliminating chemicals, saving water, time and money.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the treatment of water and the manufacturing of high tech water systems. All of our systems are designed and assembled in the USA.

The systems created by H2oEliteLabs have gone through intensive testing by Universities as well as Independent Safety Institutions and Laboratories. Our state of the art technology is proven safe and effective in all applications from Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Our mission at H2oEliteLabs is to give back to the less fortunate communities worldwide that lack clean water technologies. In addition, we will install and use our systems during times of catastrophic natural disasters in order to help those in suffering have clean potable water for drinking, cooking and bathing