Salt Free – Maintenance Free – Chemical Free

Electronic Water Conditioner

"The Simple Solution to Hard Water"

Agriculture Benefits

Poultry Production, Tomato Growers, Citrus, Turf Grass, Hydroponic, Irrigation


    • Removes existing lime scale build up on bell waterer and drinking nipples
    • Keeps spray nozzles clear of limescale,
    • Birds consume more water for increased production
    • Litter stays dry – Limits ammonia in litter for a healthy environment
    • Reduce biofilm and glucose
    • Reduces corrosion from leaking drinkers
    • Fight limescale buildup on bell drinkers
    • Prolongs cool cell pads, Reduces costly replacement
    • Maintains scale free Evaporative Cooling System
    • Keeps all water lines free of scale
    • Eliminate costly salt and maintenance prone water softeners.


    • Keeps all types of irrigation heads free of lime scale
    • Keeps drip irrigation lines free of scale
    • Dissolves existing limescale in lines, pumps and valves
    • Prolongs equipment life
    • Improves efficiency in high pressure sprinklers and guns


  • Allows plants to grow faster allowing framers reach the market faster
  • Increase crop production
  • Keeps processing equipment free of scale
  • Saves water and sewer cost with less blow down on Cooling Towers and Refrigeration equipment
  • Lowers energy cost up to 30%