Salt Free – Maintenance Free – Chemical Free

Electronic Water Conditioner

"The Simple Solution to Hard Water"

How it works

Our EWC products provide a specifically designed Magnetic and Electric Field with a high-speed pulse wave on a variety of pipe sizes and materials in Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

This magnetic field creates Nano bubbles (surface diameter less than a micron) that coats the inside of the pipe and doesn’t allow scale to form.

Hard Scale that forms and is very difficult to remove is Calcite (similar to cement or grout in Hardness)

Our Unique approach converts Calcite to Aragonite. Aragonite is a powdery material that can be easily wiped off surfaces.

Our Magnetic field changes the surface tension of the water and some of the water molecules break into HO (-) and H (+) ions. This ionic change allows Calcium to bind with OH (-) ions creating Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 which is water soluble.

Calcium Hydroxide is then able to easily be broken done inside the pipe and passed through the system.

The magnetic field also creates a mechanical component by pulsing the signal 25 times a second. The signal breaks down existing scale over time and allows it to pass through the pipes

As hard water particles are removed from existing pipes the water pressure will increase and help to remove existing scale and stop new scale build up on pipes, heating elements, and any other surfaces, coming into contact with this water.