Salt Free – Maintenance Free – Chemical Free

Electronic Water Conditioner

"The Simple Solution to Hard Water"

Industrial Benefits



  • Energy savings up to 30% due to heat transfer working more efficiently
  • Reduce bio-corrosion
  • Can remove lime scale deposits on heat exchanger plates, and heating coils
  • Reduce blow downs and increase cycles of concentration saving water and sewer cost
  • Increase the life of Cool Pads for Evaporative Coolers
  • Scale free  Tankless Water Heaters
  • Increase life in HVAC systems
  • Eliminate costly salt and maintenance prone water softeners.

Injection  Molding:

  • Dissolves existing limescale
  • Reduces scale in heat exchangers
  • Dissolves existing limescale in lines, pumps and valves
  • Reduces cleaning
  • Lowers operating cost up to 30%

Waste Water Treatment :

  • Chemical savings
  • Prevents damage to resin bed
  • Polymer usage can be reduced
  • Calcium particles do not adhere to important equipment
  • Clarifiers need less cleaning
  • Lower energy cost up to 30%

  • Propellers and Weirs work more efficiently
  • Mixing tanks have less scale
  • Prevents scale deposit on pumps due to lime and soda ash treatment
  • Prevents calcium stopping up bisulfite lines
  • Protect discharge lines
  • Cleans chlorine injection pumps